Sunday, 19 June 2016

York - final day with Don in the UK

After our shorter than ideal sleep we headed off to York, a short train ride from Leeds. 
York is a walled town with Roman ruins, a cathedral and a castle too. We had yummy breakfast and set off on the wall walk, it's about 3km but we stepped off and on walking 13km in our short day there. 

We found the walk lovely but curious watching normal life go on in homes alongside it. Here are a few pics that sum York up really. 

Part of the walk had no wall section as it had formerly been a lake and moat section of the castle protection. Now it's a megacentre and housing. We saw baby geese and swans though. 
Around midday we spotted a gorgeous pub so just had to stop and sit in their courtyard. Lovely day for it. 
That's the wall behind Steve. 

The cathedral is massive and ornate. Great windows and gargoyle display.  Hard to photograph up close so these don't do it justice. 

The castle cost £5 EACH! To walk up but oh what a view. 

The pedestrian streets are full of standard high street shops and boutique stores. We had yummy gelato- too busy eating to take a photo. Bought train food for later in the market and stopped for a roadie before heading back to the train station for our 3pm train home. 
Quick trip with no stops and a high speed train. Back into Kings Cross station where I just had to take a photo of the ridiculous queue at platform 9 and 3/4 - OMG!
Yes that is a snaking queue, hundreds of people. 
Reluctant to say goodbye to my wee boy we went for a wander around the amazing developments behind Kings Cross/ St.Pancreas stations. 
Lovely spaces with fountains, seating, free table tennis and bars / cafes galore. 
We decided we were all still full so no dinner but Don wanted Steve to try his favourite local beer so we people watched in St.Pancreas station. Lovely wee bar. 
I was fascinated at how the police are treated like information people by the public. 
Such a sad way to say goodbye to Don at a train station. Had a great stay and will miss him so much but pleased he has a good job and great friends. 

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