Monday, 6 June 2016

Travel day - Hong Kong to London

Short blog post today. Written at 5am UK time - bloody time zones. 
Monday was travel day so we swam, packed, had coffees and final breakfasts in the lounge and checked out. The shuttle arrived early and it was raining again. The cloud was low and hanging around the tops of skyscrapers and the rain meant we both dozed in the shuttle. 
Hong Kong airport is huge and impressive with omg expensive shops - like a designer mall (eg Jimmy Choo and Gucci). 

Due to brain fade we hadn't precheckedin so found we couldn't sit together. 
Due to AirNZ crapness we found Cathy isn't a star alliance airline so no lounge access plus no Gluten Free meal ordered for me. 
Otherwise our flights were pleasant enough. We both watched lots of movies. 

Our flight was over an hour late so we eventually made it to Paddington via the over priced Heathrow Express at almost 11pm, in our hotel room by a half past. Cute wee hotel, tiny room but exceptionally clean and convenient. 

I had a surreal moment as we walked outside - black cabs, double decker buses and those lovely terraced homes around a square - we are in London! Haven't been here in almost 24 years since Mike and I left with our tiny baby, who I get to see for lunch in a few hours! So excited probably won't go back to sleep.  

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