Tuesday, 14 June 2016

London Monday Day 7 - Book of Mormon day!

Hard to believe we have been in London a week and only have a week to go. Today is Book of Mormon day which we have been looking forward to heaps. 
First up was a slow start, crap coffee from the previously great cafe across the road and a pre-rain wander around the docks to experience another supermarket Asda - just as I remember it and not as nice as Waitrose. 
We decided to get the #15 bus across town for sightseeing qualities. Was interesting to be up a level but it basically crawled so we relighted at Fleet St and walked the rest of the way to Covent Garden. First pics from the bus ride. 
Then from the walk. 
Our frequent pose here :
The Twinings store on The Strand was chocker. 
We then checked out Somerset House from the other side (no idea what Steve is doing). 
I had wanted to go to the Museum of Transport but at £18 each found the shop to be excellent. Loved Covent Garden. 
We listened to these musicians perform from the steps of a tiny Italian wine bar and had a Rose and Prosecco. We only bought 2 drinks but they gave Steve food! 
Great spot on a rainy day to people watch. 
Later we headed towards Leister Square for our £8 pre-show dinner Paul purchased with our BoM tickets! Wasn't a bad dinner either. 
The place is a nightclub and has a restaurant. Don doesn't finish work til 6 so couldn't join us at 5 but was waiting for us at 7pm outside the Prince of Wales Theatre. 

The show was funny and cleverly written as we had expected. Our tickets were only £50 incl the £8 dinner so back row at the top but still fabulous. Yes I broke the rules and took these. 
Loved it. Here is my posse before Paul ran home and we did the tube / DLR / bus home about 7 miles and he beat us there. 
I will leave you with the awesome Piccadilly Circus. We didn't find out until we got home there was a vigil for the victims of Orlando just around the corner. So sad. 
Finally our daily selfie. 

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