Friday, 3 June 2016

London here we come

Not even a year since our fabulous Italian  holiday we are heading away again. This time London bound to see Donovan, Karen, Paul, Sophie, Steve and Prue - who I note hasn't left NZ yet. 

New bags packed we spent a lovely day in Auckland with Imogen our sober driver. 
Lovely Vegan Gluten Free lunch at Mimosa, a few wines in Browns Bay and shopping in Takapuna made for a great way to start the holiday. Steve and Imogen entertained themselves visiting North Shore HiFi while I joined our team meeting. 

No shortage of things to do in Auckland on a clear yet nippy winters day. It is nice to come up here not for work occasionally. 
I've just had the busiest week possible so am shattered, looking forward to a couple of days in Hong Kong before we hit London for a short 2 week stay.
Gareth joined us for dinner and I write this from the new AirNZ lounge - very bright and clean. 
Yay we're on holiday. Vic. 

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