Friday, 10 June 2016

London Day 3 - Canary Wharf to Oxford St

Thursday was a beaut day weather wise, no thunderstorms. Prue organised a great gluten free breakfast, tea and coffee before we set out for the fascinating Canary Wharf to meet Nic for lunch. 
Greenwich is kinda cute, the Cutty Stark popular tourist spot. I did buy a handbag! Which I love. 
The dome shaped building is the entry to a commuter underpass for walking over to the Canary Wharf side of the Thames. 
Now we find the whole Canary Wharf construct fascinating, a man made city complete with parks, huge shopping malls and canal banks full of bars and cafes. We stood out as tourists with everyone else in suits. Awesome to see Nic!!!!!

Next we tubed into Bond St and did the crazy packed tourist streets of New Bond - where I used to work - And Oxford St. Main things that have changed are no cars (just buses and cabs) so hugely wide footpaths, totally renovated buildings and soooo much cleaner. 
Loved these pandas. 
Concluding we need to win lotto to shop around here and feeling tired we hopped on a bus to the British Museum. I am officially not a threat being waved through bag check and security unsearched. 
These photos are mostly for my nephews who would have loved the concept of bodies mummified right there, fascinating stuff. 
There are other exhibits at the British museum other than the plundered mummies. Like the V&A we also loved the building itself. 
We even sat on the steps and ate ice cream it was so hot. 
Next another double decker bus down the Strand to Trafalgar Square. We got there about 5pm and found the square itself barricaded in preparation for an Opera event starting at 7:30pm - people already queuing. 
From here we walked to Waterloo to meet Don. Great walking through the old Scotland Yard with luxury hotels and cars abound. Then over a footbridge for fab views. 

Waterloo is amazing. It was 6pm when we arrived to meet Don. Here are a couple of pics to blow your minds. 
Having walked 18km already we took refuge in the hideously expensive wine bar above the packed waiting area. Don had to rethink plans to accommodate my exhaustion. He took us to another part of Southbank for UdderBelly where we drunk Pinms and ate food from the caravans. Awesome evening. So many people. 

Exhausted we returned to Steve and Prue's, briefly chatted before sleeping very solidly. 

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