Saturday, 18 June 2016

London Day 11 - Friday pub lunch, after work drinks and off to Leeds

We experienced two great British traditions today. Pub lunch and after work drinks. We did washing and test packed and post Coldplay debrief with Karen who was working from home, then headed off along the side of the Thames to meet Prue for lunch. 
Fantastic old world pub amongst the newness of Canary Wharf. Lovely views up and down the Thames and this guy reminded us all of home. 
Sad goodbye with Prue before I did a spot of dress shopping in John Lewis. Again marvelled at how lovely, clean and safe Canary Wharf is. Security guards everywhere, free and clean public toilets in lovely parks and random things happening like this filming. 

Our afternoon was much like the morning including packing for our Leeds weekend. Then we went to meet Nic for one last drink and another sad goodbye at Paul & Karen's local Pepper beside the docks. 
Lovely wee pub. Paul dropped by just before we left for the DLR. it had rained heavily as we walked there, clear and sunny as we left. 

Next step in our adventure is visiting Leeds so DLR to the giant Kings Cross to meet Don and a quick yummy Leon salad (I am in love with that place thanks Prue). 

Being the novice travellers we are we only booked our train tickets the same day so paid over odds - that said great 2 hour train ride and we sat with a lovely couple of men who not only fed us and gave us wine they also gave us loads of advice on visiting Yorkshire. They hopped off leaving Don and Steve with pork pies from Waitrose (delicious I'm told) and soon after that the purser came through with free wine so he could empty the bottles - can't say it was nice but what a train ride. 
So late night into Leeds but found the Crowne Plaza 10 mins walk away as advertised. The boy racers were out in force reminding us of home. Don pretty happy with his hotel room. 

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