Friday, 17 June 2016

Thursday 16th - Coldplay Day!!!!!!

We didn't specifically come to London for Coldplay but the timing of our visit was determined by Karen buying us tickets! Steve isn't a fan but keen to support me, see Wembly and admitted its very cool attending a concert where you know all the words to all of the songs. 
There was a whole day before Coldplay however. Starting with Changing of the Guard!
This event is amazing not so much for the ceremony but the exercise in crowd control. There were tens of thousands of people there! Tens of cops to manage them too. 
What I did learn is the actual guards this event is all about are a tiny group who March out with guns and are replace a few mins later by a new tiny group (8 in our case) everyone else is there for ceremony activities. 
It rained too so a sea of umbrellas came out. 
From here we walked past Buckingham Palace to find a daily coffee, this time with AllPress beans. 
A quick wander to find a shop that has closed down and we thought we would go check out Carnaby street so hopped on a bus for great views of Westminster and Big Ben:
We found ourselves in Soho having forgotten about the Football enjoyed people watching, the noise when England scored the winning goal was awesome, all of the bars in a small area cheering in unison. 
We found ourselves a small bar with no sport showing for a quick snack and saw the sad events of a local MP shot unfolding. 
Since we can't walk anywhere without me taking pics: 
Eventually Regent St. Took a short look around there and Carnaby St. 
Karen kindly offered to meet us by her work so she can look after our shopping so we lined up with the tourists for photos of 211B Baker St, she works further up the road. 
A wicked thunder storm started so we got nervous about the evening. Light dinner in a pub by Baker St station then Wembly Park here we come. 
Steve and my tickets were for pitch and unreserved seating and we claimed our spot in the stand right as the main event started! 
Everyone had wristbands that were part of the show. So when song 2 was Yellow and the whole station light up in yellow, 60000 people singing was fantastic! Our pics just don't do it justice. Sadly can't load a video here. They performed from 3 stages ensuring everyone got a fair view, 4 big screens that are just so clear. Constant things happening, confetti, beach balls being launched into the crowd etc not to mention the dance party element (stroke of genius their collaboration with Avicii really). Best bit for me - Drunk & High, Yellow and Fix You which Chris barley sang. 
Leaving was a whole adventure in itself. Karen suggested we go one stop up then cross and be on the Jubilee train when it gets back so we have a seat for our long journey - genius. Crowd management was excellent, people singing and talking about the show as we shuffled along. 
The vast nature of the masses of people was impressive. 
Yep that sea of people behind us was as large in front queuing for the tube. 
We made it home about an hour before Karen. Ending the night at our now usual Canary Wharf stop G. 

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