Wednesday, 15 June 2016

London - Tuesday Netball, dinosaurs and thunderstorms

I plan to write a while blog on dinosaurs so this one will just contain a few pics of those. Late start again followed by lunch with Don in our now regular Wimbledon haunt The Loft - loving this roof bar although we sat inside due to rain. 
Post lunch Don returned to work full of yummy food and we hopped on a bus heading to Harrods. Fortuitous timing as a massive thunderstorm unleashed for our journey, wicked rain we were very lucky to be sheltered from. Our plan had been to hop off and walk over Putney Bridge, instead we hopped off, took pics and hopped on our next bus immediately. 

Our next plan had been to go to Harrods but when the bus was crawling along making little progress we hopped off at the V&A, popped into the loos there then decided to go see dinosaurs. That thought was short lived when we saw the queue - wowsa- so next plan was walk up to see the Royal Albert Hall then walk to Harrods. All of this happened eventually but we found another entrance to the Natural History museum with no queue so dinosaurs were back on. 
Again we loved the building as much as the exhibits. Here are a few non-dinosaur pics as we walked through. 
That was an extinct giant sloth. 
Beautiful building but not easy to photograph. 
Rare moment when Darwin wasn't swamped with people. 
Steve tells me this is believed to be the first ever bird and is the most valuable thing in he museum so I had to try and get a pic. 
So to dinosaurs. There must have been 100 french school kids and who knows how many annoying small children with parents plus other hundreds of people in there. It was hot and hard to get pics as I said will write a dinosaur blog. 

Outside to cool down before walking along to the Royal Albert hall. I have fond memories of a The The concert here 25+ years ago. Steve decided these residences might be OK to live in, he also liked Knightsbridge, Fulham/Chelsea and other unaffordable areas of London. 
Then there is the obscene structure across the road. 
With large tranches of footpath closed we picked our way along the dirt and puddle paths in Hyde Park then through cute alleys emerging at Harrods. 
Surprised to be let in and to be able to take pics I took many. Gucci and makeup hall for Rach. 
Ceilings are beautiful. 
Found some gifts and paid in $NZ on our visa before checking out the wine cellar. Cloudy Bay Sav £30! And Steve enjoyed the £2299 Haut-Brion well looking at it in a shelf. 
Relatively tired and hungry we ate our most expensive London dinner yet before walking along Sloan Street. Steve enjoyed the rows of chauffeur drivers in Bentleys, the Rollers and the Bugatti we saw. This was my favourite Gucci display all holiday Rach. 
Loved this cool glass stairwell too. 

Next was Tuesday night netball. The Bitsers have made it to semi's so we were privileged to watch their pressure game. It's outdoor netball with 2 point rules. Very fast game. 
Ever the communicator and team motivator Don played a quarter at GK then GD. The Bitsers won 30-27 in a tightly fought match. 
Post win drinks in an Acton Town pub with the opposing team - who were also mostly Australian and Kiwis but had a Brit in their midst which is apparently unusual in this sport.
Long day. We left Acton about 10pm home at 11pm. Not a selfie today as the train was bouncing too much. 


  1. That's Awesome. I like the dinosaur exhibition.
    From Liam

    1. Thanks Liam, I will write more about the dinosaurs soon.