Saturday, 11 June 2016

London - Tate, Southbank & more catchups

Another fantastic breakfast cooked by Prue - sad to be leaving that motel but we will go back for a BBQ in the weekend and to catch up with Steve. Then quick coffee in Greenwich before walking under the Thames to the Isle of Dogs where we have now invaded the beautiful apartment of Karen and Paul. Here is their stunning view, no zoom. 

I was still pretty tired from our successive large walking days, most surfaces are concrete or stone too. But we have loads to see so headed into the Tate Modern. Discovered a Leon (thanks Prue for that recommendation) for OMG yummy all GF, loads of vege and vegan fast healthy food. Good coffee too. 
Lunch done we had energy for this massive gallery. Again loved the building but took pics of some famous stuff too. I found The Lillies surprisingly pale, forgot the detail of Dali and Picasso. Different experience for us having our newfound Peggy Guggenheim knowledge so quite cool to see a wall of artists she had rescued all together. 
The best bit about this vast expansive building is the vistas of London. We sat in the bar on the 6th floor and said wow a few times. 
With 5pm looming we headed along our regular spot Southbank towards Sophie's work Somerset house. 
Before crossing decided to check out some bars. Steve wanted to stop at a very cool pop up gin bar but I worried about getting pissed too quick. Then past Wahaca where we were on Tuesday we followed people up some yellow stairs onto the roof of Southbank centre to a magical allotment turned into a pop up bar. The most expensive Prosecco in the world was consumed. 
So awesome to be amongst plants and many bees in the centre of the city. 
Don arrived, a bit tired after his first week of work, so we all headed off to Tower Bridge for dinner via Tube and walking which was pretty cool. 
We ate at the Dickens Inn and watched the tail end of France v Romania which was kinda cool with the pub full of French and British football fans. 
Lovely day again. Everyone was very impressed with the Shard, worth sharing these pics too. 
Oh and my fav things from the Tate. 
My favourite thing was a wall of orange carpet being installed. Very cool tactile display. 

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