Thursday, 9 June 2016

London Day 2 - tourists and family

Great day of tourist stuff and catching up with important people in our lives. We started out finding an excellent coffee shop. After which the fabulous CityMapper app told us there was a rank of Boris Bikes just by our hotel with 10 free. 
They are awesome. We covered so much for ground by bike. Didn't take me long to get used to having no helmet on. Great morning exploring Hude Park. We saw Royal guards and open topped coaches at least 4 times stopping traffic to travel through the park. Loved the NZ war memorial and the pigeon covered wellington statue. 
It got hot! And biking in heat was interesting. When we returned our bikes that rank had 0 left, they are just so popular and a great idea. 
Next job was transfer ourselves from the hotel to Steve and Prue's house in Greenwich. The tubes were hot but loved the cool air on the DLR. the city skyline has completely changed since I lived here. 
Prue met us at Cutty Stark station for the short walk through beautiful streets to their place. Lovely wee town Greenwich, old houses and cute gardens. 
Post heat a new thunderstorm commenced so it cooled down but got muggy at the same time. Next we headed in to Somerset House to meet Sophie - yay. She shouted us Prosecco on the terrace which was simply lovely. 
Then the three of us ventured off to meet Don and Prue for dinner. Awesome stacked container Mexican restaurant on Southbank called Wahaca, omg yum. Busy place. 
Final selfie for the day with Don before Heading home. Florence arrived from NZ so the evening included meeting her off the tube. Full house but awesome catching up - although we haven't seen other Steve yet, he went to The Chills last  night! 

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