Wednesday, 8 June 2016

London Day 1 - everything's exciting

Most exciting today was seeing Don of course. He works in Wimbledon so we tubed from Paddington out to meet him in a lovely rooftop bar. He is well and busy Day 2 of his new job. 

Before the main event of the day we were woken early by the fire alarm in our hotel, apparently faulty and going off in short bursts for 10 mins or so. That got us up and out for breakfast in the sunshine, buying our Oyster cards and a cheap sim for my phone. Had a lovely coffee in the M&S head office building beside the Padding Canal - lovely business hub area with food trucks and cafes for office workers & apartment dwellers. 
Steve, in usual holiday mode, spotted and stopped by many real estate agents windows  (took a pic for you Rach). 

Next it was tube time. Wimbledon in on the District line and goes under then overground. Clean and easy to navigate with signs and announcements were two obvious improvements made in the years since I left. 
Loved the platform herb gardens. We did enjoy a packed tube later on the Circle line so full experience. 
We spent the afternoon in the awe inspiring V&A, for us the building held more fascinating interest than the exhibits   Wicked thunderstorms were happening outside but cleared so we could see the garden courtyard as well. Some pics. 
We loved the museum tunnel and popped up to see the Natural History museum from the outside. A wow building. 

Back to the hotel for a quick change - post crowded tube ride - then 20 mins walk to Karen's work beside Regents park to meet up with Karen & Paul for drinks and dinner. Loved the park and the late evening sun. The rain stayed away which was good for us. Dinner was at a kiwi owned burger chain complete with a kiwi burger, lime milkshakes and kumera chips. 
Great first day. Lots of walking. 1 museum done and we saw Don. Here is our hotels beautiful street. 

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