Saturday, 4 June 2016

Hong Kong in the rain

One of the things I love about Hong Kong  is the green belt and the occasional gardens breaking up the intense high rise landscape. 

Checkin at Holiday Inn Golden Mile is 3pm yet 2 years in a row we have arrived just after 9am and checked in immediately. We do stay in a Club room - value wise inclusive of our food and drink, a galaxy phone with data and other benefits makes the price worth it.
After a couple of coffees and lots of melon we had showers, napped and headed to the pool. Great swim but the sky was ominous until it rained, those giant drops that soak you in 5 seconds  flat. 

Without umbrellas we decided to sit out the rain in the hotel bar watching a crazy intersection. It was 30 mins before the first nose-to-tail where neither car was damaged yet chaos ensured. Great entertainment (look at the cars passing the accident on both sides). 
Steve was impressed with how many Tesla's there are, electing to photograph one instead of the Supercars in the hotel carpark. 

Once the rain slowed down enough we crossed the road to the massive mall we failed to discover last stay (Imogen who knew). There we people and crazy-shop watched before the rain really cleared so we could take a decent walk. 
Obligatory selfie (no selfie stick). 

Our observations of Hong Kong this time with the perspective of visiting quite recently - there is loads more building going on, the bridge to Macau had progressed considerably and Nathan Road is crazy we shouldn't walk down there. 
(Leaving the airport, drove past the gondola we took last year). 

The 12 hour flight here is a distant memory now. Our room is fabulous with a wee glimpse of the harbour. It's not quite as hot as we had expected, just over 30 degrees, but with the rain is quite humid. We have just watched French Open semi replays, now onto MotoGP qualifying - funny with the Chinese commentary - and eaten lots of yummy food in the lounge. Big day of being tourists ahead tomorrow! Feeling like we are on holiday. Vic & Steve. 
(Yes Prosecco)

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