Sunday, 12 June 2016

Day 5 London - markets and chilling out

It was Saturday so great day for markets. Don found himself exhausted from the week and had a flat warming to prepare  for so we didn't see him. Karen and Paul went running while we had a tiny sleep-in then Karen, Steve and I headed across the road to a converted church cafe for coffee before setting out for the day. 

We elected to go 
into the Maltby Street markets which was a fabulous choice, an alleyway between a railway line with stalls under the bridge archways and a wall with stalls under marquees. 
The food was amazing, we chatted with the Pics kiwi, ogled but didn't try the scotch eggs and tasted loads of yummy stuff. When it rained we were forced to take refuge in one of the many archway wine bars, this one slightly more permanent than most. There were masses of craft beer places here too. 
Yummy yummy French Rose and we found drinking a bottle was the perfect length of time until the rain died off a bit so we ventured out to buy market food instead of just grazing the tasty morsels. 

We wandered back to the tube after  checking out more stalls, got off at Canary Wharf and went to Waitrose. 

Rach you would love this supermarket, so much food and they have wine bars in each store. 
Plus they sell booze in supermarkets here too, although the Aperol section was empty. 
Imogen you would love the vast range of vegan products. 
We came home to a lovely dinner cooked by Paul - yummy pulled pork, kumera chips and coleslaw. So quiet day in terms of walking for us. The beautiful morning followed by rainy afternoon may well be what we are in for the rest of this trip sadly. 
Oh and this went by while we were eating dinner. 

These pics are from Friday. Thought Ben and Oliver might be impressed. 

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