Sunday, 24 January 2016

A 10km walk "around the block"

With many of our friends tackling multi day walks like The Kepler, Heaphy and Waikarimoana Tracks we are conscious of needing to get more hills into our walking. So this Wellington Anniversary weekend we took a walk around the block - as Steve called it. 

From home we walked through the school, up and over Jubilee Road then up to join the Piwakawaka track from the trig / reservoir (more up from the Punjab Street entrance) before walking the historic track to Old Porirua Rd. 

The Piwakawaka track is only 1.2km long, Mike tells me it's maintained by volunteers which explains how overgrown and scrubby it is, barely more than a goat track in places with many foliage covered steps. 

From there we walked down Old Porirua Road, up the start of Ngaio Gorge and into Trelissick Park following, in part, the Northern Walkway route. I can see why the munchkins call it the dog park, there were many happy dogs in the stream. After all this downhill and flat it was time for climbing again - my sister does this climb everyday with the dog, steep like KauKau but not as long and relentless. 

Good perspective when we emerged onto Kenya St looking up to KauKau and the Skyline walkway. We called in to see the munchkins before walking with them to Ngaio School pool and carrying on home via checking out a cricket match at Nairnville Park. 

10.2km in length and 82 floors of elevation so more than a KauKau climb which is good. Took a few hours with stops and I got sunburnt! Loads of ways we can vary this one like stopping at Cafe Villa. Good variety so should become our regular alternative route. Our evening at KTC after this morning walk felt well deserved too. 

Below is for Don and Imogen - there are more new classrooms at the school! 

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