Friday, 4 September 2015

Venice day 2 - tourism on steroids

We were tourists today. For me it was a day or two halves - chaotic, shopping, ok but not great food in the morning. Followed by beautiful, quiet, yummy afternoon. 
Steve and I were up early and explored St Marco's Square again with hardly any people (compared with last night). There was a model (in red) with her photographer. 

We all headed to the Rialto Bridge next and specifically the markets nearby. This tourist trap was chocker with stalls, hawkers selling selfie sticks and people, wall to wall people. We did manage to pop into Hard Rock Cafe for Mr Dunham. 

The fish market smell didn't really agree with me in the heat but we spent up large at the Vege market - yum! 

I did cause some of our painful shopping buying a cheap tourist bag (I spent €10 and saw them as cheap as €6.50 further away) to carry my beautiful shoes and our fruit purchases. Next we went and found "the most beautiful bookshop in the world" Sam loved it - chaos and a cat did it for her. 

In hunger desperation we broke our own rule and ate in a square. Our meals to date have been fabulous, the square dining lived up to expectations and while the food was ok the experience wasn't as special as wee cafes out of the way. Kept us going for hours however. Many of which were spent wandering or lost depending on whether you are me or my family. 

After a short unloading of purchases, siesta and respite from the searing heat we headed off again for our Bienale experience. We went to about 5 exhibitions, all wonderful and all fantastic for the venue the were held in. An old palace, what seemed like an old convent, a fabulous renovated multi storied building and some others in states of ruin. So my photos are of the awesome venues vs the art itself. Great opportunity to see inside great Venice buildings. 

So many great ceilings. We planned to then experience the Peggy Gugenheim but arrived there - leisurely navigation via some new amazing parts of Venice - too late. We did enjoy the fabulous setting and views from the island where the museum is located. 

Oh and we stumbled on yet more free art in a fabulous building there too. 
Exhausted and hungry again we found our way to a supermarket and tonight ate at home with prosecco that cost €6.50 and our market food plus bread, cheese and meat we are all full happy folks. 
Our apartment opens over the square so we feel like we are sitting out there but aren't having to experience the smoking or rain that just started. 

Not much guy stuff today. There was a super yacht and some gorgeous expensive boats. Lots of Sam selfies were taken however. 

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