Thursday, 3 September 2015

Venice day 1 - "follow me I know where we are going"

To give Don our self appointed tour guide his dues we always got there in the end. Venice is a rabbit warren, hard to navigate but an adventure at the same time. 

We left Ljubljana early this morning, the shuttle was on time and able to drive to our hotel door because the streets open early to allow for deliveries. The drive to Venice took a little over 3 hours which was great. Don had previously scoped out the railway station so we headed there and stored our bags. Here is my first Venice pic, queuing. 

We spent a lovely afternoon wandering, looking, eating and drinking. So much to see here. It sure is crowded. I had gluten free pasta for lunch and Sam had pizza so we were both pretty happy with our first Venetian meals - brace yourselves, food pics coming. 

We also ventured over to the walled cemetery island - massive and quite beautiful. Followed by Murano the home of Venetian glass. So many shops but less people too. 

The vaporetto (water bus) ride to our accommodation with luggage was an adventure in itself. The apartment is enormous with kitchen, 2 bathrooms, massive rooms and OMG the view. Great location, 5 mins walk to St Marks square (if you go in the right direction). 

One of the things we are loving the most about Europe is sitting outdoors for almost every meal - we ate at a few vegan places indoors. Dinner tonight at 9pm was perfect. Don had a local squid dish. 

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