Friday, 11 September 2015

Tuscany last day - sad, lovely and a scorpion

Our last day in Tuscany has been a spectacular one. Beautiful hot sunny day, perfect day really. We woke to this guy on our ceiling so wee drama to start the day. 

Everyone did their own thing this morning. Don slept. Libby took a hike to some ruins. Dan a bike ride to the same ruins. Paul a run up to Carda. Sam studied. We met Libby on our way to the bottle recycling with flowers and bread. 

Steve, Libby and I took a long windy  drive to the beautiful medieval city of Anghiari. Quite a stunning road with walled sides and no room to pass opposing traffic at times. The city itself is simply stunning. Very quiet and well kept. 

Stunning steep streets and a wide original city wall (Steve is walking beside on this pic). 

We returned to the villa for a family photo session. Quite pleased with our pics. 

Karen and Paul returned from another run in time for a pre-dinner swim and selfie. 

Then we all went up to the dining room for a final fabulous meal for the Villa Carda team of Franchesca and Andrea. Amazing. 

New favourite food Pappa al Pomodoro. Served in beautiful cups as part of our entre- the bowl of leftovers was brought out after we raved about how yum it was. Yum. 

And OMG dessert too. 

Fabulous end to our stay. 6:30am start to get Sam to the station in the morning so she can head home (very sad face). We all head off to Rimini and MotoGP! Yay Vale46. 
Here are other photos from the day. 

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