Thursday, 10 September 2015

Tuscany day 6 - pizza, sunshine and a historic town

Another fabulous day in paradise today. Hot and sunny with a bit of a breeze on occasion with clear blue skies. 

Sadly it was also the day Dani and Amy left us, they did manage a few hours of pool and spa relaxation (spot the bodies on loungers in the pool shot above) before we set off to Arezzo for their train station run - a route we know well now. 
Energetic people in our mix managed a great deal of exercise - Paul and Karen went for a run round the hills then Paul ran in Arezzo later in the day. Libby walked uphill 6kms from our villa to the castel of Carda, checked out the market, picked flowers and engaged with the locals before walking back down. Dan took a long bike ride from the Villa's hilly position as well. 
While they were all gone Ali supervised Don, Amy and Dani cooking us all a wonderful brunch. Sam studied and I worked a tiny bit in the sunshine this morning. 

Arezzo is an interesting town. I must research what industry sustains it. There is an old walled city which blends into a newer then modern more sprawled city. The older city is narrow with low rise buildings. Interesting to look around. 

Steve and I needed an ATM which took a while to find one our card could work in. Luckily 3 men can read a map and locate one for us. 

We met up with Paul and Libby in a cute wee bar before the convoy returned to the villa. Was lovely in the sunshine. 

Tonight we have ventured into our local village Castel Focognano for dinner in a beautiful pizzeria. Wow. So much food. So much fun. Sam and I were treated so very well with vegano and sensa glutane yum. Everyone else OMG. So much food! The 1.5km walk back up the hill is very necessary tonight!
Yam and yay. 

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