Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Tuscany day 5 - rest, recovery and relaxation

It seems Steve and I missed a late night party event, dancing, more wine and 3am feasts. Even so we got up slightly later than usual to share breakfast in the wonderful Tuscan sunshine with Christian before driving him to Arezzo and the train - a daily trip to the station so far. Most of the crew hadn't turned up before we departed. 
Steve's driving is getting so much better, he is channeling the crazy Italian style quite well now. 
Breakfast today came from the local baker and was delivered to the gate, a dozen croissants plus 1kg of strudel. 
Sam, Steve and I had planned to spend some time in Arezzo today but found it gridlocked again with market events today so had to drop Christian and go - sad our fab group was starting to disband. We returned for yummy brunch and everyone up. 
Libby took this photo of Steve and I in the pool. 

Relaxation days here are pretty easy. There is a pool, spa, gym, fruit trees to pick, golf, table tennis, the garden to graze, the roadside to forage, loads of shady places to read a book or contemplate the beautiful countryside from. 

Ali, Karen and Paul all choosing different options in these pics. 

Steve and I tried to book Rome accommodation in the sunshine then in our beautiful study but kept nodding off in the heat. It is so relaxing!

I am really loving our shared cooking and eating. Tonight Ali, Karen, Paul and I all cooked with helpers Steve, Don and Sam in the wings. Dani, Amy and libby on cleanup. Everyone sits together for shared meals in the wonderful dining room and it's really a lovely experience. 
Also loving how booze is so cheap in Italy. Our livers will need a cleanse post trip. We even cracked that giant bottle of red today and incorporated it into the stew. It was rated as Good (better than drinkable) in our Tuscan rating system. Here is a nights worth of bottles. 

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