Monday, 7 September 2015

Tuscany day 3 - DIY Pizza night

Another relaxing day of doing nothing but swimming, spa - added sauna experience - grazing on fresh figs and berries and just relaxing really (apparently as a control freak I am even stressful when relaxed). 
Don has been working on his swing too. 

We did need booze and food so Sam, Karen, Dan and I took a trip to the Coop - an interesting and slightly painful experience as we read packets and wandered isles. It did however elicit pizza dough for DIY pizza dinner. 
Paul went for a huge run up and down the hill from the villa. The spa, sauna, pool and even the treadmill were all used today (Karen was the treadmill runner). All very enterprising. 
Leading up to pizza however involved our new favourite drink Aperol spritzer with Prosecco - yum, thanks Christian.  
Sam got the pizza fire going so it would be smouldering by dinner time. 

The blokes all sat outside until the light disappeared while the women were making dinner - I think the stressful control freak issue manifested then, was fun in the kitchen with Sam and Libby though. 

Steve has enjoyed his last day at 49 which is all that matters. Dinner was so much fun. We all made our own pizzas, Christian made me a gluten free version which was fabulous. With no flour and no pizza trays the whole event resulted in a range of wonderful creations. All very yum. 

Birthday day tomorrow - very yay. 

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  1. Nothing beats pizza cooked over a fire. You added some great toppings to it as well. Our first time using our outdoor brick oven for pizza was a disaster, but now we have the hang of it and we don't burn the crust as badly as we used to do. It's also the perfect reason to get friends together!

    Ronni Casillas @ JNH Life Styles