Sunday, 6 September 2015

Tuscany day 2 - relax

After the hectic pace of Venice, driving here, conference, flights etc today was a day of contrast and relaxation. 
Steve and I got up, uncovered the pool and took a quick swim in the slightly cool 25degree water before a spa, grazing off garden fruits and settling in for yummy breakfast cooked by Dan. 

With great shopping intentions we headed into Arezzo to pick up Christian from the train. Arezzo had a jousting tournament so roads were closed and streets packed. We also discovered the wonderful yet painful shops close at midday - so missed the supermarket! 
Luckily Villa Carda has a wine cellar. 
Back to the villa for afternoon snacks and relaxing. Family table tennis tournament was won by Steve and with drinking on  loss of points added, won by Sam. 

It's been pretty exciting wildlife wise today. Ali discovered a scorpion tonight, we saw a hummingbird moth which was awesome, I was chased by a hornet and there are ants of all sizes including giant ones. The fruit here is amazing too and we ate figs off the tree today. Libby foraged for flowers and herbs as well so we have wonderful vases around the villa. 

Tonight we had wonderful food again with mass cooking collaboration and ate in the lovely dining room. 

Paul and Karen arrived tonight - so we are almost a full house. Paul ran a race this morning so it's been a long day for them and late night arrival here. 

No guy stuff so here is a collection of lovely villa photos to make you jealous. 
(Sam's lunch she ate in the garden below)
This is local wine from the villa cellar. Yummy. 
Happy Father's Day (belatedly) to Paul, Bob and Mike - from Tuscany. 

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