Saturday, 5 September 2015

Tuscany day 1 - Small hiccup... One of the Reds is actually a Chardonnay.

It's 11:38pm and we have drunk a fair quantity of fabulous Prosecco's and a selection of reds to accompany our beautiful shared meal. The kitchen is awesome. Everything is awesome, beyond wonderful. Villa Carda lives up to all of the reviews and is beautiful beyond the photos. 

Backing up slightly - we left Venice this morning. It wasn't as busy as the last 48 hours but still crazy, crowded and a spectacle to watch - sadly we were the spectacle. The water buses are crowded in the morning and full of people with luggage heading out of the city. I was yelled at a few times for misplacing my luggage. We found the car rental which lived up to all the reviews - slow, we didn't get the car we ordered and chaotic. 

The drive from Venice to Villa Carda took about 3 and a half hours. Steve did so well with the driving, I was a stressful navigator apparently commenting on his Italian like driving behaviour. 
We found Libby in Arezzo waiting at the railway station. Went to the supermarket (first of two visits, we needed more booze) and carried on to the amazing, beautiful villa. Here are photos. 

OMG it is beautiful here. Still. Calm. Quiet. Beautiful. The last photo above is the study in Steve and my bedroom. There are strawberries, figs, herbs and apples in the garden. The villa is provisioned like a 5star hotel. Second visit to the supermarket for the day and dinner commenced. Perfecto. 

It's 12:12 now. Wine is still going and this place has a cellar so the prospects are scary. Brunch is at 11am - in time to pick Christain up from Arrezo station - yay.  

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