Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Ljubljana day 3 - we are all on holiday now! Yay.

After a morning walk to seek coffee and vegan breakfast with Steve and Sam - while Don slept - I returned to RapidMiner Wisdom in the castle. Today we were in the grand hall with enormous and open windows providing a cool breeze. 

In exciting conference news OptimalBI made the slide on viral community content. I was interviewed for the conference video and enjoyed meeting and networking with a great group of people. Theme of the day was asking me whether there are jobs for Data Scientists in my beautiful country. 

Steve, Don and Sam walked to a roman wall that surrounded the origional city boundary, 42km long. Then they sat and drank beer beside the river before Don and Sam left to join O week pub crawls and go to a gig. 

Steve met me at the bottom of the Finicular from the castle and we enjoyed a wander in Ljubljana and dinner in a cafe  before bumping into a group of other conference delegates so was cool to chat. 

It was amazing for a Tuesday night how many people there are wandering the city. Awesome being outdoors in the heat, no wind and so much happening. 

Tomorrow we will get up early and bus to
bled! So excited to be on holiday. 

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