Monday, 31 August 2015

Ljubljana day 2 - a day in a castle

Today was day 1 RapidMiner Wisdom or for the bulk of you - the conference I made my family come to Slovenia for. 

We all slept well and enjoyed our own version of Allegro Hotel breakfast, mine fruit and yogurt and luke warm scrambled eggs with a juice. Don's a full meat, cheese, pastry platter by comparison. 

Then we all walked to the Finicular to the castle where my day was spent. A short but steep ride for €4 return (the others bought one way and walked down).

While I met and schmoozed Data Scientist folks Steve, Don and Sam explored the castle. Sounds like it has been extensively renovated (vs restored) and they described it as more like a museum but enjoyed themselves. 

You can't fault the view. After 2 hours of castle I am told the family enjoyed lunch at the vegan restaurant below the castle, a river tour which had no commentary, followed by dinner by the river. 

That's me waving from my conference. Photos courtesy of Sam. 

My day was interesting. The organisers hadn't passed on my dietary requirement but the restaurant staff were fabulous and cooked me special meals - yummy and awesome. I met some fascinating people, one who had engaged in a medieval sword fight the day before at the castle when exploring. 

We had dinner and drinks outside. There were around 60 people today, 130 tomorrow apparently. I flagged after a few hours of small talk then got lost finding the Finicular before disrupting a music video shoot in a beautiful square in Ljubljana, by walking through. 

Guy stuff - I met 2 Slovenian Rossi fans at the conference. One of whom had done a 400km ride yesterday. They were both jealous of our upcoming MotoGP. 

Massive day for me tomorrow so night. 

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