Sunday, 30 August 2015

Ljubljana day 1 - hot, tired but Don's here yay

We're here! So is Don! 

After my complaint about our not seated together we got the best seats for sleeping so Lufthansa you are forgiven (United not). Frankfurt is a functional, efficient and busy airport, though not a place you want to kill time. 
The flight to Ljubljana crossed beautiful countryside of mountains and lakes, small villages and beautiful forests. 

Our hotel is as adorable as the photos. Outside was a medieval market today which was cute. We sat in the bar opposite and had mango lassie and juices before heading out exploring. 

A few hours of wandering in the heat to orient ourselves was exhausting with extreme jet lag so we had a short nap - but as I write this we are all ready to collapse. 

Vegan food has been hard to find today but Sam has a plan now. She found some corn at a street market and yummy cake in this beautiful cafe. 

The city is chocker and lovely for walking. There are cafes everywhere and no shortage of stuff to buy. Very touristy. 
We sat ourselves at a bar by the river at dusk preparing to walk to meet Don at the station. One drink in he pulled up a chair beside me. A hot mess like ourselves after 12 hours of travel. I write this from a Japanese restaurant (vegan plus pad Thai for Don who has been missing Asian food). 

I have two conference days ahead of me now. Hoping for an excellent night sleep. 

Guy stuff - Rossi won so will be leading for Missano in 2 weeks! Yay. 

Very tired signing off from Slovenia. 

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