Thursday, 27 August 2015

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Day 1 continued with maximum touristy engagement. Our NZ based Chinese travel agents not only recommended our fab hotel (Holiday Inn Golden Mile) but also advised the only things to do in Hong Kong are eat and shop. Today we walked and shopped - well looked with no buying.

First up the compulsory tourist photos of Victoria harbour. There we met teams of students on their orientation scavenger hunt - the amusing thing is 3 different teams took their "photo with a tourist" with us! Will be funny when they compare results. 

Then we needed to conquor the MTR, bought an Octopus card (what's with the naming of these cards? Snapper, oyster, octopus). It was crammed as we were warned but the trains are amazing, one massive long continuous train with no wasted carriage cuplings - you can see the whole way with no walls. 

Then we hit the markets. First up the flower market was beautiful, smelled fantastic and in 32 degree heat orchid shops had welcome air conditioning. Would love to have a market like that in my home town. Wow. 

From there we entered the disgusting, appalling, horrific Bird Market. In 32 degree heat it stank, the birds were crammed into small cages or tethered, over crowded in the sun. The animal rescue worker was sad beyond words. How different our cultures are. 

The bags of living locusts did amuse us a little. Who would have thought. Yes these bags contain locusts. 

Hot and tired - I am slowing the team down with my residual cough - we headed to the famous Ladies Market. Stall after stall of the same cheap crap for  5 city blocks. Sam had a go at bargaining  with success. 

With many more markets on offer I called it quits and insisted we all go for a swim instead. It was 5pm Hong Kong so 9pm home time when we got to the pool. So we have enjoyed a pleasant evening of swimming and more yummy food in the club lounge. I found Prosecco so very happy. 

Worth noting humidity has claimed both Sam and my hair. 

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