Saturday, 29 August 2015

Hong Kong day 3 - thunder storm rating hoisted

My one regret about this trip is not taking photos of the English signs here in Hong Kong. Phonetically correct yes - like thunderstorm rating hoisted - but oh so funny.

Today was checkout day. We had planned two sight based locations being the walled city and the Buddha. So after another fantastic breakfast in the Holiday Inn Golden Mile club lounge we packed up, checked out and headed by MTR to the gondola and big Buddha. Sadly the weather conspired against us and it was pissing down as we emerged but (silver lining here) we did get to do one thing we were going to miss out on - outlet shopping! And eat in a massive crowded Hong Kong food court. 

Footnote, the train line to the gondola is the same one as to Disney. Who knew "let it go" was the universal anthem of every small child no matter their nationality. 
Rain passed so we joined the queue for the gondola. Hong Kong tip - prepurchase your gondola tickets. 

The view is awesome. We scrimped and didn't get a glass bottom gondola but we all stood and looked down and watched crazy hikers along a beautiful looking path following our steep steep climb. 

We emerged at the top sometime later to see the big Buddha for a few seconds before cloud engulfed it and it was gone. Sam had really been looking forward to this so she diligently walked up the steps with the hundreds of other punters to see a cloud covered Buddha. 

Steve and I meanwhile explored the disgustingly expensive tourist village below complete with Starbucks. 

Right now we are sitting in a cafe at Hong Kong airport about to fly to Frankfurt then Ljubljana. It's been a bit crap so far, we're not seated together and the lounge here is united who won't let koru members in without being gold. 

Guy stuff - our hotel carpark kept Steve  entertained today with the same named-brand cars. We also saw the new roadway to Macau a 50km link which at the moment is completely disconnected from the land and looks like a random stretch of road in the sea. 

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