Tuesday, 25 August 2015

And we're off!

A year in the planning, massive itinerary scope growth - we were planning to go everywhere - then shrinkage until it looks like this:

  • Hong Kong
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Venice, Italy
  • A villa in Tuscany
  • Rimini, Italy for MotoGP Missano 
  • Rome, Italy
  • Home
Our last big holiday was in 2013 when we flew for 24 hours over to the Cayman Islands before a fabulous Caribbean cruise through the West Indies. This trip won't be a beach and snorkelling one rather a catch up with Family and Friends, drinking wine and eating yummy vegan and gluten free (and normal for most) Italian foods. 

Last trip I promised to blog but didn't post many, this time with my giant iPhone 6+ will use this to post photos as we go - some with commentary too. Yay! so excited. Vic xx

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